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Fuji is a leading Japanese brand in the pneumatic tool industry. Since 1943, we are committed to our customers' productivity worldwide and to provide one of the most extensive ranges of high quality and robust industrial air tools.
Here on fujitools.com you will find information about the company and our product line up as well as the latest news. To get in touch with a Fuji representative or distributor in your area, please head to the contact page and send your inquiry.

The FA-70 series expands with a lever model for North America and Europe

The FA-70 series expands with a lever model for North America and Europe The Fuji FA-70-4F is a powerful 7″ Angle Grinder with 1700W / 2.3hp output. Thanks to the extremely high power and durable design, FA-70 is ideal for all heavy duty applications performed in Shipyards, Bridge & Building construction, Mining, Foundry, Metalworking, Rolling stock, Oil and gas. It is particularly effective together with aggressive abrasives. Continue reading

The FA-20-1 compact 2” angle grinder now available

The FA-20-1 compact 2” angle grinder now availableFuji FA-20-1 is a compact and versatile 2″ Angle/Die Grinder. The ergonomic design and powerful motor ensures the operator’s comfort and contribute to improve the efficiency of grinding work. The new body has optimized dimensions for prolonged use without causing grip fatigue. It is a result of inputs from many FA-20 users in Japan. A low head design (7 mm lower than existing model FA-2C-1) enables use for applications with difficulties or very limited space for grinding. Ideal for die and mold work, the FA-20 excels at deburring and surface finishing but can be used for a variety of removal tasks.

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LAUNCH: New FA-70 lever model – FA-70-4F

We are pleased to announce the addition of the FA-70-4F N EC grinder to the Fuji line up. This safety lever model sports the same benefits as the previous tools in the FA-70 series but also comes with a new safety lever design that we believe is a clear improvement over the previous one. You will find that it is a tool that delivers a very good value for money proposition and that can take on electric high frquency tools.

Please find the Product News, Launch pack and item lists on links below. Also you will find the FA-70 promotional video on our YouTube site ready to be used and linked to.


Phase out FUJI FTD-series tip dressers, B-series riveting hammers and balancers

We hereby inform that the FUJI FTD-series tip dressers, B-series riveting hammers and our range of balancers will be phased out. We regret the short notice, but supplier actions have created a situation where we need to discontinue these tools.

Please download the Product News’ and communicate as necessary. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

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