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Fuji is a leading Japanese brand in the pneumatic tool industry. Since 1943, we are committed to our customers' productivity worldwide and to provide one of the most extensive ranges of high quality and robust industrial air tools.
Here on fujitools.com you will find information about the company and our product line up as well as the latest news. To get in touch with a Fuji representative or distributor in your area, please head to the contact page and send your inquiry.

Phase out FUJI FLT-x-1, FLT-x-2, FL-x-1, FPW-440SC, FPW-550SC, FPW-660SC Series Pulse Tools

We hereby inform that the FLT-x-1, FLT-x-2, FL-x-1, FPW-440SC, FPW-550SC, and FPW-660SC series pulse tools will be discontinued. Please download the Product News and communicate as necessary. You will also find cross over lists from the old product to the new in the file library. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

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