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Fuji is a leading Japanese brand in the pneumatic tool industry. Since 1943, we are committed to our customers' productivity worldwide and to provide one of the most extensive ranges of high quality and robust industrial air tools.
Here on fujitools.com you will find information about the company and our product line up as well as the latest news. To get in touch with a Fuji representative or distributor in your area, please head to the contact page and send your inquiry.




さて、このたび弊社は働き方改革によるモバイルワーク導入の一環として6月5日をもって首都圏営業所を閉鎖することになりました。同営業所への皆様からのご愛顧に深く感謝申し上げます。尚、弊社首都圏営業所社員はこれまで通り、業務を担当いたします。 Continue reading

Save time with Fuji’s new steel milling machine

FRC-200S-1Clean weld seams quickly and easily
Fuji launches FRC-200S-1, an innovative mobile steel milling machine, which cleans and removes weld seams up to three times faster than typical grinding practices. The new machine enables metal working operators to save significant amounts of time and associated costs with weld removal, so they can ultimately improve productivity. Continue reading

Fuji and COVID-19: our operations continue

To our valued customers,

The world is grappling with an issue of enormous scale and human impact by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Thank you for being a valued partner with Fuji. We appreciate the chance to update you on what we’re doing right now at Fuji, even if, as you’ve seen, the situation changes daily.

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Fuji FG-26H-10 & -20 Series Die Grinders

We are pleased to announce the launch of the FG-26H-10 & -20 series die grinders – our new 24,000 rpm die grinders replacing the current FG-26H-1 & -2 series die grinders.

FG-26H-10 & -20 series Die Grinders inherit features of its well-regarded predecessor, FG-26H-1 & -2 series, and are the next evolution with focus on power, durability, accessibility and productivity.

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