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Satisfied customers

Satisfied customer


Chikumamizusawa is a company that makes parts for the automotive industry. They are specialized in metal working and specialty material removal operations; they know all the in-and-outs.

This industry demands productivity and precision which is very challenging for the workers. The operator, for each part they work on, needs to make visual checks, clean the burrs accordingly and stay effective and efficient while delivering a fast and rigorous job. This is a very demanding job that requires all the help they can get to get the job done properly. In these tough conditions, each small gain of power and comfort from the tool is a big gain on the full operation.

Knowing this challenge faced by our customer, Fuji came up with a solution and proposed to Mr Takahashi their new FA-65-1 angle grinder series.

While installing the tool, he was first surprised by the weight of the tool.

 This is great, so compact and lightweight, that’s impressive, let’s try it.

While trying out the new FA-65-1 angle grinder, Mr Takahashi confirmed that the tool was very easy to handle and that allowed him to access easily the work piece.

When he started to work on the piece and saw the power, he was definitely pleased and convinced by our recommendation.

It’s the same power as the old big grinders. Succeeding to combine power and lightweight is the perfect combination for our job and to help workers like me in their everyday work.

Check out our new FA-65-1 series