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Power, comfort and durability delivered by Fuji’s new 5” grinder


2hp grinder provides up to 1000 hours between maintenance intervals

Fuji has launched a new range of high power 5” angle grinders that provide excellent durability in a compact size. The new FA-65 grinders deliver exceptional performance in heavy metal applications, enabling operators to increase productivity.

The FA-65 grinders deliver 2hp power and the governed motor maintains the rotational speed under challenging working conditions, so the tool delivers optimal performance. They have an exceptional power/size ratio and are ranked among the highest performing grinders in their class, which is typically only reserved for specialist tools.

Such a high-power level is typically found in larger 7” grinders.Through clever design we have been able to deliver high power but without compromising on durability, and in a compact size to meet our customers’ demands for high industrial-level performance.

Clément Baylion, Global Product Marketing Manager at Fuji



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The high power is handled by a heavy-duty bevel gear which has a long life and minimal service requirements; it can run for 1000h without maintenance. As a result, operators can save time and costs associated with their maintenance regime.


The grinders’ high performance is thanks to Fuji’s gear cooling system, which helps minimise wear of the helical bevel gear and pinion. In the system some exhaust air is passed through the gear, thereby lowering the temperature and enabling the tool to last longer. It is also lubricated by air oil to withstand the high power. Furthermore, the grinders are robust with a full metal housing to protect the tool from the arduous environments found in metal working industries.


The FA-65 grinders are easy and convenient to use with a trigger that has been designed according to industrial applications, user habits and safety. Moreover, safety is also enhanced because the grinders support proper disc installation. The Asian version features flanges which ensure excellent power transmission and avoid accidental loosening.


FA-65-2F N EC

FA-65-2F N EC

The compact body means operators can benefit from excellent maneuverability and precision, helping to improve productivity even further.

The European model (FA-65-2F N CE), designed for all countries outside of Asia, delivers 1.9hp power and features large flanges which help prevent disc breakage and an adaptable guard is secured with two screws.
Both grinders have adapted performance for industrial maintenance or for heavy metal applications such as those found in foundries, bridge and road construction, shipbuilding and railway industries.

By expanding our range of grinders, we now have high-quality tools available for all types of application and are delighted to be able to support customers working with heavy metals with grinders in this class.

Clément Baylion, Global Product Marketing Manager at Fuji