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Range extension: Fuji FA-30-3 series Angle Grinders

We are pleased to announce the range extension of the FA-30-3 series compact, light weight and high power 4” angle grinder series. The range now matches specific features required by EU, North America and Rest of the World as well as rear exhaust models allowing us to extend our market reach for this powerful industrial grinder range, one of our best sellers today.

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Are Pulse Tools right for your application?


5 things to know when considering pulse Tools for an application

Choosing the right tool for an application is important for the productivity and quality of an assembly operation. Pulse tools have some very attractive characteristics such as high run down speed, power-to-weight ratio as well as no reaction force but they are not always the best choice. Below are some considerations to keep in mind when considering pulse tools for an application.

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Quick guide to get the most out of your pulse tools

Quick guide to get the most out of your pulse tools

Learn how to get the best environment to operate your high precision tools in.

A pneumatic Pulse Tool is a common choice for quality critical applications. In order for the tool to be able to deliver maximum performance, it is key that it operates in a stable environment.




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Pulse Tools Performance – It’s in the air


A stable air pressure is more important than a high pressure.

The general recommendation is to supply 6.3 bar of dynamic pressure to the tool. Dynamic pressure is a measurement taken at the tool’s inlet when it is running with no load.


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