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Fuji’s FOR-50 series of orbital sanders delivers optimal finish in metalworking applications


Fuji introduces its new FOR-50 series of 125mm orbital sanders to help metalworkers benefit from enhanced productivity, ergonomics and efficiency.

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FOR-50 one-hand palm sanders are designed to reduce the amount of vibration and noise the worker is subjected to for improved comfort and ease of handling.

Fuji understands how challenging industrial environments can be and that tools with high durability are essential for reliable operation. That’s why Fuji FOR-50 orbital sanders offer 2,000 hours of running time in harsh environments without losing power or needing parts maintenance.

The sanders are equipped with a 210W motor that provides the torque to drive the 5mm orbits. This combination enables efficient sanding with a high removal rate and the clean finish needed to prepare the material for painting.

The FOR-50 series adds to Fuji’s comprehensive and versatile portfolio of material removal tools for metalworking applications. In addition to the FOR-50 series of orbital sanders, the Fuji range includes sanders, rotary sanders and grinders to suit a wide variety of applications in demanding environments.