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Our Fuji FA-30 family is expanding to improve metal cutting operations

FA-30-23 metal cutter

Dimensioned for easy and safe metal cutting, Fuji completes its range of 4″ angle grinders with the new FA-30-23 cutting wheel model to improve efficiency on specific cutting applications.

By keeping the benefits of the existing FA-30 range such as compactness, lightweight and high power and adapting new flanges and a wheel guard, Fuji offers an essential tool to operators in metal fabrication, foundry, energy segments that fits their performance and safety needs.

The new wheel guard is covering half of the cutting disc to improve the protection of the operator from sparks and potential cutting disc burst while keeping eyes on a precise work. For some industries, such devises are even mandatory based on the regulation.

FA-30-23 metal cutter

As all our Fuji heavy-duty industrial tools, performances are optimized to reduce working time. Size, weight and performances have been selected cautiously to provide a handheld tool fitting only in one hand for easy work with the right power to be able to drive the cutting disc through metal. This performance is possible thanks to a motor governor that maintains the cutting speed to an optimal level. After testing on real applications, we know that this system is equivalent in power to a 700W electrical motor which doesn’t have optimized power for cutting discs.

The FA-30-23 metal cutter combines all Fuji expertise to fit to harshest requirements of heavy metal industries.