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Introducing compact and powerful 7-inch angle grinders optimised for productivity

Innovative bevel gear design extends tool life in heavy metal applications

Fuji has introduced a new series of 7-inch angle grinders to help metalworkers improve productivity across a range of demanding applications. Compact and lightweight, yet extremely durable, the FA-67 series combines power with a user-friendly design to make time-consuming grinding tasks easier to perform. Ideal for use even in the harshest environments, the series is a good fit for a range of heavy metal applications, including foundry, bridge and road construction, shipbuilding, and rolling stock.

The FA-67 series has been built with ergonomics in mind. Thanks to the innovative design, the tools are 25 percent lighter and 15 percent smaller than traditional 7-inch grinders yet deliver the same performance. The tools are easy to handle even over long periods, and the 2.1 hp governed motor maintains the rotation speed to ensure optimal grinding performance at all times.

The compact and lightweight body ensures easy maneuverability. The tools are equipped with an easy-to-use trigger that can be adapted to markets, user habits, and safety requirements to help every operator achieve the best possible results. For enhanced safety, the series benefits from a unique flange design, which transmits the power to the disk, reducing the vibration the operator is exposed to. The compact head of the grinder allows for excellent visibility over the piece being worked on to help improve precision and achieve a quality finish.

The angle grinders are protected by a full-metal housing, which makes them durable and well suited for any working environment. The tools feature an innovative airflow design, which creates a smoother flow through the bevel gear to extend the tool’s working life with air cooling and lubrication.

Driving productivity is every business’s goal. However, to achieve that, it isClément Baylion, Global Product Marketing Manager at Fuji vital that workers have access to tools that are not only powerful but also comfortable to use. To address this, we have optimized the ergonomics of the FA-67 series, without compromising the industry-leading features our tools are known for. Now workers have a grinder that combines great performance with ease of use, enabling them to carry out their tasks better and safer, wherever their work takes place.

Clément Baylion, Global Product Marketing Manager at Fuji

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