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Fuji FG-26HL-10 & -20 Series Extended Die Grinders

We are pleased to announce the launch of the FG-26HL-10 & -20 series extended die grinders – our new 24,000 rpm extended die grinders replacing the current FG-26HL-1 & -2 series extended die grinders.

FG-26HL-10 & -20 series Extended Die Grinders inherit features of its well-regarded predecessor, FG-26HL-1 & -2 series, and are the next evolution with focus on power, durability, accessibility and productivity. The new series boasts 20% higher power than the predecessor, and a refined body design which is easier to service.



The exhaust port with no muffler pad prevents a power drop even in harsh air conditions. The new series has the same 24,000 rpm high speed, high precision spindle, easy to change, highly durable collet, the same durable aluminum body (FG-26HL-10) or even more durable new steel body (FG-26HL-20) for industrial heavy use. The series gives you the best solution for rough grinding in hard to reach areas for various applications.

The series is available with two collet sizes (6 mm & 1/4 in.), three exhaust options, and several throttle types.

FG-26HL-10 & -20 series extended die grinders are now available for purchase in all market areas.

FG-26HL-10 & -20 series die grinder specifications and range

Part Number Model Exhaust Throttle
Collet size Inlet Download
mm in in
5412105957 FG-26HL-20 6 Side Roll 6 1/4″Rc
5412105958 FG-26HL-20 6 EC Side Roll 6 1/4″Rc
5412105954 FG-26HL-20 1/4 Side Roll 1/4 1/4″Rc
5412105956 FG-26HL-20 1/4 N Side Roll 1/4 1/4 NPT
5412105960 FG-26HL-20N 6 Side Locking Roll 6 1/4″Rc
5412105951 FG-26HL-10F 6 Side Lock-off Lever 6 1/4″Rc
5412105952 FG-26HL-10F 6 EC Side Lock-off Lever 6 1/4″Rc
5412105948 FG-26HL-10F 1/4 Side Lock-off Lever 1/4 1/4″Rc
5412105950 FG-26HL-10F 1/4 N Side Lock-off Lever 1/4 1/4 NPT
5412105959 FG-26HL-20 6 FE Front Roll 6 1/4″Rc
5412105961 FG-26HL-20N 6 FE Front Locking Roll 6 1/4″Rc
5412105953 FG-26HL-10F 6 FE Front Lock-off Lever 6 1/4″Rc



For questions regarding this launch, please contact your local Fuji representative or our marketing department.