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New Fuji FA-70 series 7” high power Angle Grinder

New Fuji FA-70 series 7” high power Angle GrinderFuji FA-70 is a powerful 7″ Angle Grinder with best in class 1800W / 2.4hp output. Thanks to the extremely high power and durable design, FA-70 is ideal for all heavy duty applications performed in Shipyards, Bridge & Building construction, Mining, Foundry, Metalworking, Rolling stock, Oil and gas. It is particularly effective together with aggressive abrasives.

A new motor and improved exhaust mechanism ensures a wide “high power output zone” which allows high power even in less favorable air conditions. In addition, optimizing the air flow within the body enables extra cooling effect on the gear and other components to extend the gear service life as well as the replacement intervals. The versatile design with a thinner body and low head ensures operator comfort and productivity.

FA-70-1 & FA-70-2 is now available for purchase in Japan and other countries except EU and ANSI markets. Locking lever versions for EU and ANSI markets will be released within 2016.

Download the FA-70 Series Angle Grinders Leaflet