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Range Extension: Fuji FA-30 Series High Power Angle Grinders

Range Extension: Fuji FA-30 Series High Power Angle GrindersNow available in rear exhaust versions and locking lever versions for European and North-American markets

We are pleased to announce the range extension of the FA-30 high power 4” angle grinder series. The FA-30 range now matches specific features required by EU and NA markets allowing us to extend our market reach for this powerful industrial grinder range, one of our best seller today.

The new models addition are the rear exhaust versions FA-30X-2, and the locking lever versions FA-30-2F for European and North American markets. Operators throughout the world can now benefit from the great FA-30 series unique features, such as its powerful motor, compact governor with great response, durable gears, and safe and orientable wheel guard.

Powered by a compact yet powerful motor – 490W, 0.66hp -, the Fuji FA-30 series angle grinders deliver best in class grinding performance as well as high durability. Their compact size and low profile angle head allow easy access into tight areas and enlarge operator’s angle of view on application, for better grinding accuracy and increased productivity. These versatile industrial angle grinders can be used for deburring, chamfering, weld bead removal using variety of abrasives.

Range Extension: Fuji FA-30 Series High Power Angle Grinders

From the governor and motor to the exhaust, all components have been designed to achieve high performance, durability, ease of use and noise reduction, ensuring optimal operator comfort and efficiency. The Fuji FA-30 industrial angle grinders are the ideal tools for heavy duty applications performed in shipyards, bridge construction, rolling stock, and foundries.

Tools are available for purchase as of this announcement. Please contact Fuji with any requests.