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New Fuji FG-26HL Industrial Straight Grinders: A superior choice for hard to reach applications

FG-26HL Straight GindersThanks to their excellent run-out, and high durability, the Fuji FG-26HL industrial straight grinders are the ideal tools for heavy duty applications performed in shipyards, bridge construction, rolling stock, and foundries.

The Fuji FG-26HL straight grinders Series is a new addition to the FG-26H industrial die grinder family. With an additional 120 mm of length, the FG-26HL extended versions facilitate the operators’ job in restricted areas and ease the access inside parts. The FG-26HL delivers best in class run-out for an extended die grinder: less than 0.03 mm. This low run out significantly reduces wear to carbide burrs, thereby reducing operation costs.

The Fuji FG-26HL series includes roll throttle and lock-off roll throttle straight grinders as well as lock-off lever handle straight grinders. These versatile industrial die grinders can be used for deburring, chamfering, as well as weld bead removal using carbide burrs. Ergonomic features such as a light weight, and low noise level enable operators to work more comfortably and efficiently.