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New Fuji FA-70 series 7” high power Angle Grinder

New Fuji FA-70 series 7” high power Angle GrinderFuji FA-70 is a powerful 7″ Angle Grinder with best in class 1800W / 2.4hp output. Thanks to the extremely high power and durable design, FA-70 is ideal for all heavy duty applications performed in Shipyards, Bridge & Building construction, Mining, Foundry, Metalworking, Rolling stock, Oil and gas. It is particularly effective together with aggressive abrasives.

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New industrial 3/4” impact wrenches by Fuji: The powerful and durable FW-190P Series

FW-190P-1Thanks to their strong and durable motor and pin-less rocking dog hammer, the Fuji FW-190P series industrial impact wrenches are ideal for various heavy maintenance, soft joint applications and repetitive bolting work performed in shipyards or bridge construction.

Powered by a powerful and air efficient motor, the Fuji FW-190P series delivers a high torque of 620 Nm, 460 ft-lbs. With a low air consumption of 0.52m3/min, 8.6l/s at load, the Fuji FW-190P Series can perform even in harsh working environment where there are difficulties to get a good air flow quality.

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Range Extension: Fuji FA-30 Series High Power Angle Grinders

Range Extension: Fuji FA-30 Series High Power Angle GrindersNow available in rear exhaust versions and locking lever versions for European and North-American markets

We are pleased to announce the range extension of the FA-30 high power 4” angle grinder series. The FA-30 range now matches specific features required by EU and NA markets allowing us to extend our market reach for this powerful industrial grinder range, one of our best seller today.

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